Squares and townhouses

Great London estates in the building development


London followed the townplanning movement of the period.

Large parts of London belonged to great estates (these families’ names identify their estates on the map). The development of the squares in the West End in the 18th century was mostly due to the landowners who, after designing streets and squares, granted leases to those who built on them.

Mayfair was developed from 1715, around Hanover Square, named in honour of the new dynasty, then the estates North of Oxford Street followed. The Russells, who had developed the Covent Garden area in the 17th century, built on their estates in Bloomsbury in the second half of the 18th century.

These building practices gave London some of its most characteristic architectural motifs, the square and the terrace houses.

Townhouses were also built.


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Squares and townhouses
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