Science and technology

Science and society from the 18th to the 21st century was first created and designed as blended learning, part online and part presential: students had to work from a brochure of relevant texts and to answer questions before coming to class and to conduct searches to guide them in their understanding of Science and Technology developments from the 18th to the 21st century in relation to the reactions of the contemporary societies. It can now be used and enlarged as an online class example in learning and technology: the texts have been put on the website and the questions follow the texts. References to appropriate websites are also recommended to develop personal search strategies.

  1. Trade and Discovery
  2. Newton’s prisms and the uses of experiment
  3. Active-Passive Instruments
  4. The Lunar Society
  5. The history and present state of electricity
  6. Benjamin Franklin science
  7. XVIIIth Century foundations of Modern Medicine
  8. The internet in a cup
  9. Big dimwits and little geniuses
  10. Digital ink meets electronic paper