The late 17th century and the early 18th century are the age of Christopher Wren (1632-1723) and Nicholas Hawksmoor (c.1661-1735). Classical architecture tended to the Baroque with James Gibbs (1682-1754). The early 18th century was dominated by the Palladian revival under the patronage of Lord Burlington, who protected William Kent (c.1685-1748). The mid 18th century was the period of neoclassicism, with William Chambers (1723-96).

Architecture was based on engineering in the work of Robert Mylne (1733-1811). The mid and late 18th century was marked by town-planning ventures, which were in Bath entrusted to John Wood the Elder (1704-54) and John Wood the Younger (1728-81) later to Thomas Baldwin (c.1750-1820), in Edinburgh were designed by James Craig (1744-95) and in London by John Nash (1753-1835). This urban environment became a setting for the buildings of Robert Adam (1728-92).