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Oxford’s Queen’s College
College buildings: the Queen’s College, new front, from an 18th century engraving.
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Libraries were built in the 18th century, together with new college buildings: the dome of the Radcliffe Library by Gibbs, from a bequest by the physician Dr. Radcliffe (mid 18th century), and the Codrington Library in All Souls’ College (first half of the 18th century - the mediaeval pinnacled front of All Souls may be seen to the right of the Radcliffe Camera in the first photo). In All Souls, the architect Hawksmoor built the twin towers in a style meant to adapt to the already existing gothic buildings (second photo), the Codrington Library, also by Hawksmoor, is the range to the left of the quadrangle, perpendicular between the gothic front and the range of the twin rowers.


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The Radcliffe Library
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All Souls’ College
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